Motor Lead Wires/Appliance Wire Conductor Component Styles

UL AWM StyleTemp RatingVoltageWall / InsulationEnvironment
100780 C300 V0.015/PVCNon-Harsh
1015105 C600 V0.032/PVCNon-Harsh
106180 C300 V0.009/PVCNon-Harsh
103080 C1000 V0.035/PVCNon-Harsh
103290 C1000 V0.035/PVCNon-Harsh
1330200 C600 V0.020/FEPHarsh
1332200 C300 V0.013/FEPHarsh
1371105 C-0.005/FEPHarsh
1516105 C-0.005/TEFZELHarsh
1538105 C125 V0.006/FEPHarsh
1704150 C300 V0.013/HALARHarsh
1705150 C600 V0.030/HALARHarsh
1716150 C300 V0.010/FEPHarsh
10086200 C600 V0.010/TEFZELHarsh
10351150 C300 V0.005/HALARHarsh

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To fulfill our committment to the highest quality standards, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. We are an approved supplier for the U.S. Department of Defense, and hold all industry standard certifications.

General Wire Certifications

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