Custom Factory Automation Cables

UL AWM Styles, CL2P, CL3P, CMP, CL2, CL3, CM Low Smoke Zero Halogen LSZH

Our factory automation and environmental control custom cables are manufactured to meet all of your needs. Using the Insulation Systems Properties and the Jacket Material Properties tables and the Comparison Chart of Typical Insulations, you can choose the insulation that will best meet your needs based on where your cable will be used and what it will be exposed to.

We will manufacture the cable to meet a UL style if that is required. Some of the common UL styles are listed in our Multi-Conductor Cable Styles. For the component wires, you can use the Motor Lead Wires/Appliance Wire Conductor Components Style.

A major consideration when choosing a cable is the AWG size of the wire you will need. You can use the Current carrying capacity of copper conductors, to choose the AWG size you will need. Also, a helpful tool is the Derating factors for Bundled Conductors to ensure your custom design can handle the application.

    All orders are customized to meet your requirements with 1000 foot minimums in most cases. Among your options, in any combination: 

    • Power (Motor Lead) Wires
    • Data Pair (Shielded, Unshielded and Individually Shielded)
    • Coax (50 Ohm and 75 Ohm Video)
    • Industrial Ethernet (2 & 4 Pair UTP and STP)
    • Cat 5E and Cat 6 UTP and STP
    • Component Electrical Isolation and Identification
    • Strength Members, Breather Tubes, Extruded and Fiber Filler
    • Separation Tapes and Extruded Barriers
    • Individual Foil, Spiral and Braid Shields
    • Overall Foil, Spiral and Braid Shield
    • Hi Flex, Harsh Environment, Hi-Temp, Plenum Rated, Hytrel, Polyurethane
    • Tefzel, and Low Smoke Zero Halogen Jackets (LSZH)
    • Colored Jackets, Custom Print/Private Label, Footage Markers, Special Put Ups

    Full regulatory compliance on all of your custom requirements.

    To fulfill our committment to the highest quality standards, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. We are an approved supplier for the U.S. Department of Defense, and hold all industry standard certifications.

    General Wire Certifications

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