Minaturized Enhanced Performance Industrial Motor Control Cables

By utilizing design principles incorporating insulation system properties in relation to the current carrying capacity of a given copper conductor, we are able to “BOOST”, or enhance amperage loads while achieving miniaturization.
The cables outlines here are constructed with the best performance materials possible including stranded tinned copper conductors with aerospace grade insulation and jacket systems.
Factory automation flex cable
Part No.DescriptionUL Style JacketTemperatureVoltageComments
220814/C # 26 AWG O/A TC Braid2750 FEP150 C600 VHi Flex Harsh
220824/C #18 Power2750 FEP150 C600 VHi Flex Harsh
220833 TP #28 AWG Ind. Shield + 2/C #28 No Shield21259 TEFZEL150 C300 VHi Flex Harsh
220847 TP #28 AWG 2/C #28 w/ O/A Foil Shield21245 HALAR150 C300 VHi Flex Harsh Encoder
220854/C #22 AWG - Power 2/C #26 AWG - Brake O/A TC Braid21248 TEFZEL150 C600 VHi Flex Harsh

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To fulfill our committment to the highest quality standards, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. We are an approved supplier for the U.S. Department of Defense, and hold all industry standard certifications.

General Wire Certifications

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