Custom Harsh Environment + Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable

For specialized solutions that meet stringent health and safety standards. 

Low Smoke Zero Halogen

When environmental toxicity safety is a concern or a requirement in a specified location, low smoke zero halogen cables would be the proper choice. 

They emit low or limited smoke and non-toxic fumes when exposed to fire, green list, red line and low smoke zero halogen.

We are the best solution to design a cable specifically for your LSZH applications and when combined with our ability to do short and intermediate runs, we are your best option.

Harsh Environments

We are capable of manufacturing a full line of cables that are suitable to endure harsh weather/environment condition, situations or climates. Cables can be developed specifically for:

  • Petro-chemical and solvents product resistant
  • Sunlight/UV resistance
  • Wet locations, with or without water block
  • High or low temperature environments

FEP, Tefzel and polyurethane would be some of the insulating/jacketing choices that could be used for your specific solution.

Full regulatory compliance on all of your custom requirements.

To fulfill our committment to the highest quality standards, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. We are an approved supplier for the U.S. Department of Defense, and hold all industry standard certifications.

General Wire Certifications

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