Custom Plenum Cable

Full regulatory compliance on all your custom requirements.

NEC Article 725, 760, 800, CL2P, CL3P, CMP, FPLP, NPLFP

 Our design engineers are ready to help you develop a cable to meet all of your special needs.  We can work with an existing specification, an existing sample of the cable you want or we can design a cable based on your specific physical, electrical, and environmental needs.

With a multitude of High Temperature UL AWM component wire styles, as well as full NEC Article 725, 760 and 800 compliance. General Wire can provide full regulatory compliance on all your custom plenum cable requirements.

Our third party verified performance cable test lab will document and certify your cable test requirements. This combined with our liberal minimum run policy, allows us to provide the cables you want in the quantities you need.

Measured Electricals

Cables or components designed to support electrical requirements. Low Cap, Echelon, Lon Works, Arc-Net, Temperature Control, Cresnet, Category 5, 5E, 6, 6A and 7 UTP and STP

50 and 75 Ohm Coaxes, Serial Digital Coax, CCTV Coax, Precision Video, Aerospace Grade coax and triaxial cables, 50,78,100, 120 & 124 & 150 Ohm Controlled Impedance Twisted Pairs and Twinaxial Cables can all be incorporated into your unique cable design. As an ETL and UL verified Category Performance cable manufacturer, as well as NHB 5300.4(1c) and Mil-I-45208A house, we have the systems to manufacture high reliability measured electrical cables.

Harsh Environments

Expanded temperature range cables designed to maximize cable life in severe operating conditions, high temperature, Tefzel, FEP, Halar, PFA, MFA, Fluorocopolymer, and Hytrel jacketed cables rated @ 125, 135, 150, 200, and 260 degrees Celsius exceeding FAR Clauses 25.853 (a) and 25.869 (a) (4).

Secured Communications

Custom cables designed to eliminate RF/EMI issues with the Full Plenum Compliance can be manufactures to DOD/Telcordia standards, or your custom requirements. Contact the factory for assistance.

Composite Communications

Round cables with any number and type of components cabled together under a common jacket, incorporating any of the characteristics above, duplicating existing cables, or developing your ideas and requirements into a new application design, composite cable designs save space and termination costs by allowing you to put multiple types of components under one jacket.

Siamese Cables

We also offer customized Siamese or figure eight type cables. Components are pulled parallel, each with its own unique integral jacket connected by a thin web. This product eliminates duplicate matching, paralleling and cutting saving precious labor dollars. Consult factory for product options.

CCTV Plenum Cables

Part No.RG & UL TypeConductor ODDielectric ODShield Type CoverageJacket ThicknessOD InchesCapacitance ImpedanceVP %
21804RG 59 CMP/CL2P#20 Solid BC 0.032FF -.146BCBS 95%Plen Alloy 0.0150.20417.3 - 75 Ohms78%
21819RG 6 CMP/CL2P#18 Solid BC0.04FF - 0.18BCBS 95%Plen Alloy 0.0150.23417.3 - 75 Ohms78%
21836RG 59 CMP/CL2P#20 Solid BC0.032 1 TP #18 16/30FF 0.146 FG 0.138BCBS 95%Plen Alloy 0.0150.354 X 0.16817.3 - 75 Ohms78%

CCTV Plenum Cables

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HVAC Plenum Cables

These cables are for low capacitance processors, suitable for:

  • Johnson Control
  • Trane
  • Siemens
  • Andover Controls
  • Echelon Lon Works
Coaxial + Twinaxial Cables
  • 75 Ohm Broadband/Video Distribution
  • 75 Ohm Broadcast + Precision Video Cable
  • 50 Ohm Data Coaxial Cable – Plenum + Non-Plenum
  • 93 Ohm Data Coaxial Cable – Plenum + Non-Plenum
  • RGB, Sync + Hold Miniature Coaxial Cables
  • Telephony DS3 + DS4
  • Twinaxial Cable – Plenum + Non-Plenum
  • Custom Coaxial Cables
General Wire Products is ISO 9001:2015 Certified
General Wire is a DOD-approved supplier
General Wire Products is UL200 Certified
General Wire Products is ETL Certified
General Wire Products is NEC Certified
CSA Certification


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